Holistic, Cosmetic, General Dentistry

June 9, 2020
Dear Patients,
We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe as New York State reopens slowly after many months of “pausing”. We encourage all of you to continue following the recommendations our Governor has provided; his science-based guidance has gotten us through a tough time without overwhelming our hospitals We were, however, a little surprised by the word to the dental community that we could reopen the day following his announcement 9 days ago. We had planned to know our starting date with about a 2 week notice as we did with the start of Phase 2 today. Since we had a full schedule of emergency patients last week and the important need to train our staff, we have slowly opened this week with “Normal Operations” beginning next week.

That “New Normal” will include the need for all of our patients to engage with our web site-based Questionnaires where you will find a COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Patient Disclosures document that will need to be completed prior to your coming to the office. It is imperative that we screen all patients since we believe the best way to keep COVID19 from our office is to not let it in. Some of you are proficient with this portal already but many will need our help which we will provide. We are working on this system currently to make it easier for all to navigate. While you are completing this form, we will ask that you update your Patient Update Form, as well as complete the Consent for Internet Communications, HIPAA and Materials Letter if not done so already.

Welcome to the dental practice of Drs. Jeffrey and Maureen Viglielmo. Our office provides high-quality holistic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry to patients across the Hudson Valley area and beyond.

Great dental health is achievable through a combination of thorough at-home care, the professional guidance of a skilled dentist, and the corresponding treatment your dentist may recommend. As your trusted Kingston dentists, we are excited to join you in the quest for a healthy mouth and body.

What Makes Us Unique

At Drs. Viglielmo: Holistic Dentistry, we want our present and prospective patients to know that for your benefit we have chosen to practice the art of dentistry at a new level, taking into consideration your individual biological makeup. That is why we offer innovative treatments such as Biological Periodontal Therapy. We also utilize Mercury-Safe Amalgam Removal, the latest in general and cosmetic dentistry technologies, and are proud to be known as a “green dental office.”

Customized Treatment

Just as every smile is different, we recognize that every patient has unique treatment needs. Our dentists take the time to create customized treatment plans for all of our patients, caring for their specific health requirements. Whether you seek a cosmetic dentistry procedure like porcelain veneers, general dentistry, or one of our biological dentistry treatments, we personalize services at every turn. We will always listen to our patients’ concerns and tailor all efforts (yours and ours) to make the experience as comprehensive and comfortable as possible.

Contact Us

Don’t wait for the smile you’ve always dreamed of; contact the office of Drs. Jeffrey and Maureen Viglielmo and get started on it today! We are pleased to be your dental provider of choice and we’re excited to help you work toward a healthier, more beautiful smile.