Ozone gas has many therapeutic uses in dentistry. At Drs. Viglielmo: Biological Dentistry, we have found it to be a very helpful tool for ensuring patient comfort during and after appointments at our Kingston, NY office.

Benefits of Ozone Gas, Include:

  • Sterilizing tooth surfaces
  • Disinfecting periodontal pockets during cleanings
  • Decreasing sensitivity from root exposure
  • Cleaning root canals
  • Clearing up infections

How It Works

Ozone is an oxidative molecule that kills bacteria, viruses, and other non-human cells while eliciting an immune response in human cells. That is why we employ its use at our biological holistic dentistry. It eliminates harmful substances in the body while ensuring patient comfort as our skilled dentists and staff attend to your needs.

Experience the Difference

Our investment in Ozone gas technology at our Kingston, NY office has proven beneficial to our patients and we are proud that it directly aligns with our biological holistic dentistry practices. Contact us to book an appointment and experience the difference today!