Benefits of the Phase Contrast MicroscopePeople may brush, floss, and gargle every day and still struggle with their oral health. At Drs. Viglielmo: Biological Dentistry in Kingston, NY we continuously strive to go beyond your average treatment and provide the best oral care through new dental technology.

Our latest dental device, the Phase Contrast Microscope, allows us to personalize your treatment even further and provide you with the ultimate care.

What Your Current Dental Treatment Is Missing

Typically people think the more information, the better. So shouldn’t the same go for your oral health? The standard dental exam that evaluates a patient’s teeth supporting tissues (radiographs, probing, and other markers) tells us about a patient’s dental history and current oral health status. Yet, it doesn’t tell us if a patient is prone to developing periodontal disease, or if the disease will progress if the patient already has it. That’s where the Phase Contrast Microscope comes into play.

Benefits of the Phase Contrast Microscope

The Phase Contrast Microscope provides our dental staff with a better diagnostic tool to see the bacteria and other organisms that have colonized around your teeth. Thus, this dental technology gives us a look at your periodontal health and risk factors.

Although not all patients will show signs of periodontal disease if they have harmful bacteria in their mouths, it does not mean the bacteria won’t become a problem in the future. Individuals may be able to handle the bad bugs at the moment, but they will be at risk for developing the disease in the future, or when their immunity is not as strong.

Through the extensive periodontal evaluation at our biological holistic dentistry practice, we can create a personalized plan of prevention or rehabilitation. We offer home care tools like the Waterpick® and other irrigating solutions to discourage bad microorganisms, as well as supplements that promote the better ones.

Let Us Take Care of Your Oral Health

At Drs. Viglielmo: Biological Dentistry, we care about our patients and their oral health. With our caring, skilled team of dentists and the latest dental technology, we strive to offer our patients great results through noninvasive and nonsurgical methods. Don’t put your oral health in the backseat; contact our Kingston, NY biological holistic dentistry and schedule your appointment today!